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Restriction on Sale and Distribution Information

The following information is exclusively intended for investors in such countries where sales and distribution of the fund is permitted. Furthermore, this information is not intended for publication or use by individuals or entities in a country where sales and distribution of the fund is not permitted. Should documents be provided in English this does not mean that permission for sale and distribution in English speaking countries has been applied for or granted.

Fund shares may not be offered or sold within the United States of America and may not be offered or sold to or on account of US citizens and may not be offered or sold to US persons with residence in the United States of America. Documents published on this website and information contained therein may not be distributed within the United States of America or in other countries where publication or distribution of this information is not permitted.

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fund profile

The fund combines a multi-asset approach with a focus on capital preservation and sustainability:

The management of our fund is based on the aforementioned investment philosophy. Focused, active and consistent management is our core premise.

Our investment concept is based on an absolute return approach. To generate a positive absolute return over the long term, including strict risk criteria, the fund will primarily invest in fixed-income securities from issuers domiciled in Europe. Moreover, assets permitted by investment conditions can be used to achieve these goals.

Apart from its diversification, it also features active allocation management, the strict budgeting of risk positions at both fund and individual stock level and flexible position size control.

The funds will invest primarily in securities from issuers who manage their business sustainably. Sustainability here implies a future-proof corporate policy, which operates with the strategic inclusion of economic, environmental and social aspects. The focus here is on the objective of ensuring long-term business success and sustainable growth, taking into consideration man and the environment. In making investment decisions, the company relies on the sustainability ratings from oekom research AG. The following are defined as exclusion criteria:            

  • Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Green genetic engineering
  • Pornography
  • Weapons
  • Tobacco
  • Animal experiments

The fund management focuses on investments in fixed income securities, equities and currency positions, which offer an attractive balance between risk and return.

The bond share is made up of a broad basket of government bonds, covered bonds, corporate bonds and financial bonds. The equity ratio generally remains between 10 % and 15 %. The focus is on investments in European issuers.



This risk indicator is based on historical data; a prediction of future developments is therefore not possible. The classification of the fund may change in future and does not represent a guarantee. Even a fund that is classified in category 1 does not represent a completely risk-free investment.

The fund is classified in category 4, as its share price fluctuates moderately and therefore the chance of making a profit, but also the risk of loss, can be moderate. When classifying a fund in a specific risk class, it is possible that not all risks are taken into account due to the calculation model. A detailed description can be found in the 'Risk factors' section of the prospectus.

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